Company Profile

Vanguard Engineering serves as a representative, distribution, business development, engineering consulting and customer support operation to many key customers in the areas of Military, Space & Research.  We offer advanced electronic components and subsystems to the DOD market in particular in the areas of EW, Radars, Advanced Satellite Communications (SATCOM) and Telecommunications.

With over 25 years of experience in this field Vanguard guarantees close customer-service and offers advanced solutions to satisfy most challenging tasks posed by the ever-growing technological demands across the board.   As such, our company and suppliers served key projects in support of Prime Contractors to the DoD and Government-related Space and research programs.   Our team consists of highly-seasoned personnel with experience in the industry, including engineers who understand the needs that our customers confront including critical delivery requirement.

Our Cutting-Edge Products


Vanguard and its suppliers serve many key DoD contractors and among the prominent programs to which we contributed successfully are: ALMA,

Mars Rovers, F-16, AWACS, NEAR, E-18, F-22 and many others.