Hot Products

Croven Crystals

Croven Crystals announced the release of its low-profile 0.160” height package which shares the same pin-configuration as the industry standard HC-35 (TO-5). This low-profile XTAL achieves the same phase-noise, aging and g-sensitivity performance in this low-profile package as in the standard holder.



SpectraTime announced two new models of its iReference+ series of high performance and affordable rack-mountable GPS/GNSS + Rubidium reference clocks. The GNSSource™-2500 and RbSource™-1500 offers GPS/GNSS-synchronized 1PPS timing signals and 10 MHz frequency signals for high-precision lab testing, measurement and calibration applications. These new products offer advanced timing and frequency capabilities in a compact, 1U package thanks to the patented SmarTiming+ GPS/GNSS disciplining technology, offering leading-edge 1 nanosecon


Wenzel Associates

Introduced the QRb Sync Series which is an integrated OCXO & stable Disciplined Rubidium combo-oscillator featuring low phase-noise output with excellent time-stability. It offers Auto-Adaptive Smartiming+SAAM/Non-SAAS Technology with 1ns resolution. It was designed to address specifically airborne, mobile and stationary applications.

Introduced the latest most-advanced Multiplied Crystal Oscillator (MXO) Series featuring 200 MHz to 12 GHz outputs and ultra Low Phase Noise performance resulting from cutting-edge iIntegrated ULN Oscillator & Low Noise Multipliers with exceptional Sub-Harmonics & Spurious Content


Allen Avionics

Introduced an extensive, price-competitive line of RF and MW filters covering 0-40GHz. Custom-design included: .

Also available is a Video Delay system for video recording applications:


EM Solutions

Now offering a field-tested Ka-band Mounted Battle Command ‘On-The-Move’ (OTM) terminal. Also offering a broader line of small-footprint Nano-Series Ku- and Ka-Band BUCs at various output power levels for OTM, ManPack and FlyAway applications.


Dated: March 1, 2017

Hot News

Vanguard Engineering and its key suppliers have been selected to supply advanced frequency-sources, fast-switching synthesizers and custom-specified engineering design products to major DoD-contractors in support of new EW contracts for the US Navy.


Vanguard Engineering also introduces its latest cutting-edge, optically-derived, frequency-scaled, phase-locked and tunable MMW-frequency source.  In its standard version this source is designed to produce up to 40GHz and it offers best available phase-noise performance in the market.  Unlike all other core-based technologies, and because of its photonic-derived signal processing principle, this unit is far less susceptible to temperature variations and/or vibration conditions. This MMW frequency source can also be extended to the 100GHz range for special applications.