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Frequency Sources
Phase-Noise Measurement Instrumentation

Fast-Switching Osc.
Ultra-Fast  Wideband Synthesizers


Military, Space, Instrumentation and Commercial

Lowest Phase-Noise OCXO and Freq. Multipliers Technology to 10GHz
Wideband Sub-1micro-sec Ultra-Fast VCO-based Synthesizers to 20GHz
200 MHz-12 GHz, super-low phase-noise fixed-output configurable oscillators


  • Featuring lowest available phase-noise performance for stationary and mobile systems operating in hostile environment;
  • Lowest G-sensitivity with cutting-edge  vibration-resistant technologies
  • Flag-ship products used in premier projects such as the F-16, F-18, EA-18, F22, V9, many spacecrafts/probes (Mars Rover, NEAR, etc) and other challenging tasks;
  • Integrated/System-level solutions
  • Used for standards in critical functions such as Base-Stations, Telemetry and Timing Systems




Space, Military & Commercial Applications

Leading supplier of Quartz Resonators for Space and Military applications with field-proven reliability and performance for most demanding design requirements

  • Wide temperature and environmental spec;
  • 4-160MHz standard XTALs;
  • 4-point internal-mounting XTAL for best g-sensitivity and high-shock/vibration applications  Series CWLP-460
  • Custom-specified available;
  • Complete in-house production and testing capabilities
  • MIL, SPACE, ITAR and RoHS Compliant; 
  • Reliable supplier with superb track records