Synthesizer Resources

Frequency Sources
Phase-Noise Measurement Instrumentation

Fast-Switching Osc.
Ultra-Fast  Wideband Synthesizers


Military, Space, Instrumentation and Commercial

Lowest Phase-Noise OCXO and Freq. Multipliers Technology to 10GHz
Wideband Sub-1micro-sec Ultra-Fast VCO-based Synthesizers to 20GHz
200 MHz-12 GHz, super-low phase-noise fixed-output configurable oscillators


  • Featuring lowest available phase-noise performance for stationary and mobile systems operating in hostile environment;
  • Lowest G-sensitivity with cutting-edge  vibration-resistant technologies
  • Flag-ship products used in premier projects such as the F-16, F-18, EA-18, F22, V9, many spacecrafts/probes (Mars Rover, NEAR, etc) and other challenging tasks;
  • Integrated/System-level solutions
  • Used for standards in critical functions such as Base-Stations, Telemetry and Timing Systems

Hi-Speed Wideband

EW Products


0.1-18GHz Standard
Optional to 40GHz

@1Hz Resolution

Ultra-fast 0.1-20GHz
Lowest Spurious & Phase-Noise



  • 200nSec switching-speed at 1Hz high resolution
  • Featuring Coherency-Between-Switching for advance applications such as Jamming Radars and Radar-Cross-Section (RCS)
  • Modular design for easy maintenance; No field calibration required
  • Most reliable; hi MTBF
  • Instrumentation and small-footprints (for airborne and mobile) Series
  • Seasoned design with a wide range of users in the Navy and other DOD-related subcontractors
  • ISO-certified Service Depot located in Maryland; Offering on-site services
  • Rental and Lease-To-Purchase Options available